Natalie Carrion


Natalie Carrion, the 23-year old pop artist, songwriter and influencer.

On October 28th, 2017, she released her first album that demonstrated Natalie's aptitude for song writing and musicality. 

Later in February 2019, Carrion released the EP “Banana River”,  which has received attention both in Sweden and Norway, where she now has been acclaimed for her touching and emotional lyrics, and her unique expression.

After a while of searching for the right sound, her musical maturity has developed and led to new songs.

Her up and coming release of the single “Let it Go” is a song that is dear to Natalie's heart:

“I myself have gone through extremely challenging times in my life, so I can relate to what people go through. The song is about people both entering and leaving your life, but what you need is to love yourself before you love anyone else. Realizing that you need to love yourself is so important and if more people learn this, the world would become even more beautiful. So, if you live in a destructive relationship or are stuck in bad habits - get out of there and find your focus.”

For Natalie Carrion, who was born in Sweden with a father from the U.S.A and a mother from Sapmi - the desire to lift both her cultural heritages has been obvious in her music, together with her passion for singing. 

Two new singles will be released in August. A clear message combined with Carrion’s unique voice,  modern pop resulting in a a sweet mix that’s emotionally touching and will make you sing along